Sustainability at WBRE is a fundamental element and an ideal that is embraced in all aspects, not least in our projects, whether we are project managers, construction managers or general contractors.

Thus, it is firmly rooted to assess our contractors according to their compliance with our sustainability goals in addition to the German sustainable development strategy and the fulfilment of our ISO requirements.

In doing so, we support our project partners and clients to

think, design and build


and encourage those who have not done so to catch up. Our ultimate goal is to increase building durability and to protect our environment and leave it unburdened to our future generations.

Our home

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is distinguished by our commitment to and support of fair business practices, employee-oriented personnel policies, economical use of natural resources, protection of climate and environment and a genuine local commitment and responsibility within the supply chain.

Corporate Social Responsibility is more than a moral or ethical issue, our social responsibility helps shaping our success.

We do strongly believe, that companies operating on a sustainable level are often more successful in the long run.

Our people

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion:

We don’t mind being different, we stand out by embracing our differences, and when you include a diversity of minds in the decision making processes -regardles of origin, sexual orientation, religion, gender, disability, status or any other dimension of diversity-, you inevitably have a stronger result.

We have our own way of doing things, our culture and principles are part of who we are and one main reason why employees and clients alike enjoy working with us.

Our Priorities

Future workforce

Future workforces and shaping the future our people is one of our most important and constantly added to responsibilities.

In order to be better prepared and ready to adapt to the changing conditions, WBRE considers it duty to shape its employees’ future and help them grow and in return be source of pride for the company.

Quality Improvements

At WBRE, quality- and safety-relevant tasks and duties are planned, controlled, and monitored continuously. This way we ensure that, in addition to the quality requirements of our clients, the applicable statutory and official regulations are met.

The quality of our services is undergoing constant improvement by a continuous optimization process thanks to the commitment of all employees at all levels. Our quality policy is known throughout the company and is regularly reviewed for its continued suitability as part of the management review process.

Policy statement on environmental protection:

We consider the protection of our environment to be an integral part of our corporate culture. Within the company, we urge acknowledgement of the importance of environmental protection by actively influencing all parties involved.

Thereby, negative impacts on the natural, artificially created, and cultural environment are to be kept to a minimum. We monitor and reduce to the absolute minimum any impacts caused by construction work, such as noise and vibrations, as well as changes in air, soil, and water quality.

Disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly and resource - saving approach is a requirement that we demand and expect both from ourselves, our subcontractors and our project partners. Working closely with our clients, subcontractors, and local authorities to carefully manage and minimize impacts arising from construction activities on the surrounding and wider environment is of great importance.

Adherence to the legal and official requirements for environmental protection is one of our principles. Our employees are encouraged to behave in an environmentally conscious manner through regular training and information. A program for the continuous improvement of our environmental management plan ensures that the goals of this statement are understood and followed through continuous reviews and evaluations.

WBRE is renewing and strengthening its commitment

The protection of our environment is an integral part of our corporate culture

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