KIDDI - the other way

On the way to the north of Iceland, you pass a small green property behind Egilsstaðir. This property by Kristin G. Kristmundsson, called Kiddi, combines many themes from the real estate world in a kiosk on about 5 m². In its own way, Kiddi has managed to combine sustainability, repurposing and a constant effort to stand out in this place.


Kiddi has had to try many things. He is a trained carpenter, worked as a DJ, ran a video store in his parents' house, he made coffins and the pillows and blankets for the deceased to go with them, and he also cleaned in a retirement home. But all this did not work. Then he had the idea of setting up a self-service vending machine on the road from Egilsstaðir to Bakkagerði. The suitable plot of land was also quickly found, as his brother still had an unused one in his portfolio.

On closer inspection, however, you will notice that the plot is located in the middle of nowhere, which is not difficult in Iceland. But that is exactly the first thing that fascinates you about this kiosk. Kiddi has created a place that you want to go to, and it's not because of the candy bar or the Coke from the vending machine. In every analog or digital tourist's itinerary to the north of Iceland, Kiddi is present. Perhaps the success also lies in the fact that no one from the outside has imposed rigid requirements on Kiddi and imposed them on him through various approval procedures. Kiddi has built a kiosk on the street without any questionable demands or requirements.

By using recycled materials to build the kiosk, Kiddi is fulfilling the essential sustainability principle: conserving resources. Kiddi runs the kiosk self-sufficient in energy. The solar panel and wind turbine charge the battery, powering the vending machine inside the kiosk at the push of a button.

Iceland also has unusual alternative energy sources: For example, underground hot springs power underfloor heating under sidewalks in public areas.

The issues of sustainability and repurposing keep resonating as an indispensable part of our society, making them one of the main criteria in the real estate industry. Kiddi is a refreshing example of how much is easier with a certain lightness.