St. Pauli Stadtgarten auf dem Bunker

Project management

Thomas J. C. Matzen GmbH/ EHP Erste Hanseatische Projektmanagement GmbH

phase10 Ingenieur- und Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Freianlagenplanung: Landschaftsarchitektur+
Tragwerksplanung: Wetzel & von Seht
TGA-Planung: IPP ESN Power Engineering GmbH
Brandschutzplanung: HHP® West Beratende Ingenieure GmbH

23.500 sqm

Completion 2023

Award procedure:
Individual award

Even after the end of the war, the bunkers were left standing as witnesses of our recent history. Whereby the testimonial value was the more urgent preservation goal: It is simply very expensive to demolish the high bunkers.

Scattered functionlessly in the urban space, only the lifting of civil defense conditions allowed this type of building to be used on a large scale. Cast to a maximum of solid reinforced concrete, window openings are elaborately cut into the massive concrete walls. This challenge existed with the bunker in Hamburg Ottensen, which WBRE managed as a service developer for a private investor.

A much larger bunker is located in the heart of Hamburg at Heiligengeistfeld. In the summer of last year, the pyramid-shaped addition of 5 more floors and a plaza to the Media Bunker began. Access to the bunker will be via a landscaped mountain path wrapped around the existing bunker.

Here, a hotel of the NH Group with 136 guest rooms, a hall for sports and cultural events, various gastronomic facilities as well as district and exhibition areas are to be built.

In order to reappraise the history of the building and to promote historical awareness, a memorial will be created. The roof and facade of the bunker will be uniquely landscaped as a natural landscape. The goal is to sustainably improve the urban climate and create intergenerational, socio-ecological projects.